Adrian Petrasa here! Glad to e-meet you!

Adrian Petrasa here! Glad to e-meet you!

Although today I enjoy impressive results, generating millions of euros for my clients in Romania, hence beautiful results for myself, I must admit that life was not always milk and honey.

I started my career in engineering, more precisely in construction. The crisis of 2009 and its consequences led me to explore new horizons and, starting in 2016, I stepped into the online world, investing eCommerce courses and projects. That's when I launched my first online store on the Amazon platform in the US. It all started from there.

Being passionate about the community that offered me this opportunity to learn marketing and having immense gratitude towards those who guided me, I was invited to be a mentor within the eCommerce cource that I followed. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with over 4000 entrepreneurs that were just starting out.

This experience allowed me to observe and develop the skills needed to build online businesses and understand the mindset that makes the difference between winners and those who are just trying.

Through the project, I will share with you a lot of information that I discovered, tested and validated on this online and business path, so that together we can create an entrepreneurial environment as I would have liked it to exist when I I started.

If you have any message that needs to reach me, please never DM me on social media.

Just send me an email at .

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